Sunday, February 11, 2007

Come quickly, I am drinking stars

In lieu of Valentine's Day, The Wine Warehouse put on a champagne tasting this week to celebrate. We tried 8 really nice champagnes from various regions so maybe I should say we tasted many 'champagnes' since not all of them were from the Champagne region. Whatever.

Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir
This one was made from pinot noir in Sonoma. Wine spectator gave it a 87. The bubbles pretty much explode on the tongue then melt into a nice creamy texture. For $13, this was the best value of the evening.

Roederer Estate California
This was a blend of 60% chardonnay and 40% pinot noir. I found it too dry and flat -- pretty boring.

Mumm Carte Classique
This is an extra dry champagne with a slight sweetness and a nice mineral tinge.

Perrier Jouet Brut
I found this one to be fluffy on the tongue. There was some citrus and mineral but something said cheese to me on the finish. I liked it but not enough to pay $30.

Pol Roger
Supposedly Winston Churchill drank a bottle of this stuff a day. Supposedly. This was one of my favorites just because it was so well balanced -- simple, clean, and crisp.

Veuve Clicquot Pardsardin Brut
Everyone has seen this bottle at some time or another. I had never tasted it until this week and it really leaves something to be desired. To me it tasted like Pierre mineral water with a hint of citrus fruit.

This is an old, old champagne. It has been made since 1584 and has continued to make this champagne in the traditional manner. I liked the weight of this one and how it coats the tongue nicely. Wine spectator gave it 90 points.

Jame Bond drinks this. Does that mean it tastes like a martini? I didn't think so. This was the most yeasty of all that we tasted. I loved the body and the yeasty, bread flavor. Too bad it is $35.

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