Sunday, February 17, 2008


Whether you believe it or not, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In all the hours I've spent over a cadaver (far too many!), the heart and stomach aren't really that related. Regardless, yummy food can warm the heart and make for a 'romanitical' evening.

Sometimes I consult this silly little cookbook P bought for me but this Valentine's day I just wanted simple, little tidbits. We munched all evening on bits of French cheeses, crusty bread with fruity olive oil, Florida strawberries I dipped in cinnamon-ancho dark chocolate, miniature crab cakes with aioli, small steaks with cocoa, cumin, and cardamom or espresso and ancho, a yummy artichoke dip, and finished the night with tiramisu. Ok, I guess it doesn't sound like a quick and simple little meal of odds and ends. Somehow I didn't spend the whole night in the kitchen which was the best part.


  1. Bobby suggests that you put the strawberries on a white plate next time for greater contrast. He is our budding and talented photographer.

  2. He is quite right. I've requested white plates for bday/xmas.