Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Warm Drink

I think some karma is at work after I did that boasting about the warm weather down here. It has been cold! By cold I actually mean in the high 60's... but there's a good chill in the air coming off the ocean. We have been leaving the windows open to let the cool night air come in. On nights like these, we sip a warm cup of chai with ginger vodka. If the warm spices in the chai don't do the trick, the ginger vodka warms you up as it hits the back of your throat. If you can find this impressive bottle of Polish vodka be sure to pick it up. We haven't figured out any other uses for it yet but we're trying to get creative.

Ginger Vodka Chai
1 shot Alchemy ginger vodka
3 parts Tazo Chai concentrate (We've found Tazo has the most spices and is therefore the most flavorful)
2 parts milk

Either froth the milk separately and combine or add to a mug and heat it in the microwave.


  1. Try Alchemy Ginger Lychee Martini
    Alchemy Ginger
    Splash of lychee juice
    Shake vigorously
    Pour in to martini glass
    Garnish with lychee fruit in bottom of glass

  2. I just never have been able to enjoy alcohol with a milk base. An Irish Coffee comes to mind, and I did not enjoy that in the least. Is this chai concoction similiar?

  3. Hrm I've actually never had an Irish Coffee. I've tried coffee and Kahlua but I find that too strong. White Russians are too strong too and give me a stomach ache. ugh. This drink is really subtle and has so little alcohol you barely notice it. It just gives it a little more warmth and spice.