Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I've never been much for Halloween. I only went out as a kid a handful of times. We never used to have trick-or-treaters at my house back home and I haven't had any since I moved out. The night is still young though! I have my carved pumpkin lit on the deck and a drawer full of PEZ to any brave youngster who would dare trick-or-treat in an apartment complex.

So in the spirit of Halloween I made some mango lamb chops (note the carnage above). I used Major Grey's Chutney (which I think could be the best thing ever) to baste them. I accidentally overcooked mine but P's were perfect. Since a giant hunk of meat isn't quite enough, I made some garlicky green beans and yuca. This was my first attempt with yuca and I have to say I need some more guidance. For P I made basmati while I stuck to the yuca to avoid the omega 6's. Does yuca have omega 6's?

So I probably should do some homework on yuca. For example, don't eat yuca raw as it contains free and bound
cyanogenic glucosides which are converted to cyanide in the presence of an enzyme in yuca. I guess I shouldn't have tasted it raw then. Tapioca and tapioca pearls in bubble tea are made from this stuff. You can also make gnocchi, purées, soups, and stews. At $0.67 a pound, I've got to get into this yuca craze -- assuming there is one of course.


  1. I was at a house with a lot of Pez this weekend. i thought of you!

  2. wow!!!
    where was this?!?!
    thats an impressive collection
    like a 'wow, damn' impressive collection
    I am nearing 400 I wonder how many this is?! ooo this comment made me excited, thanks.